Local Rules

  1. Card length preferred lie on fairway in play (except for hazards) no nearer the hole and cannot improve your line of play.  Pink markers define fairways.
  2. A drop off stones through the green may be taken at the discretion of the marker, (for club protection only) and cannot improve your line of play.
  3. All earthworks and irrigation work are G.U.R.  This includes the grid on 5 & 14.
  4. A ball lying on the practice green must be fropped in the nearest frop zone without penalty.
  5. The following areas are out of bounds:
    1. All boundary fences
    2. Area to the right of 2 & 11 fairway defined by pegs
    3. Clubhouse and top/lower carpark and surrounds defined by pegs
  6. Machinery shed on fairway 4 & 13 is an immovable obstruction and is to be played as per rule 24.2, staked trees as per 24.2, all stakes and hazard markers are to be played as immovable objects as per 24.2 (swing and stance only, not line of play).
  7. Sand buckets must be carried and used by each player in both social and competition play.  Divots must be repaired & plug marks on the green must also be repaired.
  8. Yellow, red & black markers define water hazards, lateral water hazards, O.O.B respectively.  G.U.R. will be marked G.U.R.
  9. Distance markersare 120 metres from the centre of the greens.  They are to be played as permanent obstructions as per rule 24.2, (stance and swing only, not line of play).
  10. Balls landing in tyre tracks, animal holes, cracks in dry soil may be relieved by way of drop without penalty (except in hazards).
  11. Motorised carts must not go closer than 5 metres from the greens.